Birthday Eclipse

Michael Allen
1 min readApr 15, 2024

My photo shoot of the Total Eclipse didn’t go well on April 8, 2024, but it was my born day and it least I got to see it-safely.

If only I had purchased a screw- on solar filter ahead of time instead of the paper/foil one I used, I’m sure the shoot would’ve turned out great!

At least it was my birthday. The combination of totality and having a birthday on the same day flipped a switch inside of me. I can’t explain it. The day gave me some sort of juice, a boost, a kick, a transparency; something like advancing to the next grade.

Eclipse Day felt special. I saw celestial acts acting in a play written and directed by the universe. The solar stars had their own band and preferred seating. Some viewers were close, others blocked by crowds and clouds. It was love from on high.

Also, it was my birthday.