Dear Autumn, We Need You.

Michael Allen
3 min readSep 19, 2020


Shout out to The Notorious RBG.

It’s been four years since the tide turned in the sky. Haven’t made up my mind yet whether this will be an opinion piece or prose propaganda. I drift off to places I feel so far away from. I try to engage strange lands, just to get away, in my mind. In my mind I am lost. I see roads and signs that don’t match. My destination is nothing but rough terrain, rain and mudslides. I cry, in denial of the trials we face. In my mind I pace back and forth and wonder if Autumn will write back. My sweaters are ready. My heart is not. The road to autumn has been lonely. The Two Americas are on a collision course, but never a divorce. It’s raining still. The sun has ulterior motives. Some say that the Devil is on a rampage. I cannot see clearly. I am flooded with historical emotions. I thought this would be a Red Summer. I am not ready for the brutality of colonizers. I am a human filled with the peace of the land before they invaded it. My home reaches out to me across the Atlantic. I call back to my family. I see them in the spirit. I need them. The first day of Autumn is days away. I ready myself for the trip home. They received my letter and understand about the sweaters.

It’s the last Saturday before the first day of Fall. I have mixed feelings. 2020 has been a tumultuous year. The last four years have been insane. I didn’t think we would be on the verge of the things we read in history books. The start of fascist mischief. The beginnings of dictatorships and state sanctioned assassinations. Tear gas and bullets, full of anger because the masses speak. I had never been uncomfortable in America until 2016, when They voted him in. It was a wake up call I needed. Nothing has ever changed in America. The racists may have been dormant, planning, waiting for their chance to reclaim something that never belonged to them-this land and our bodies. We sit under an administration of thugs. Corrupted from birth, they use their education and minds for evil instead of the welfare of humanity. Lies are everywhere, behind official desks, pulpits, arenas, and from anyone who can afford a microphone. Social media is used as a place to threaten the Black and Brown. We need something magical to happen. We need to replace the current American Representative in the Oval. I do worry, that since his election, we (they actually, the people that voted him in) have set a satanic precedent for the standards of the highest office. I am tired. Black folks, well, we’ve been tired. The door has been opened, a dark window, for racists to run openly for office. Militias and police department seem to be on the same page-always have been. Unarmed Black Women and Men are gunned down by the guards of white society, while white mass murderers are hailed as heroes to their kind.

Shout out to:

Sandra Bland

Breonna Taylor

Atatiana Jefferson

Michael Brown

Alton Sterling

Trayvon Martin

Ahmaud Arbery

George Floyd

…and all those who have lost their lives for just living and being while Black!