Love Letter to Cameroon

Michael Allen
1 min readOct 21, 2021

This is my love letter

Better to be surrounded by family

I called across the Atlantic because I miss you

Yes it’s true you may have heard, but you don’t know me

We’ve never met in person but my spirit hovers over Yaoundé like a kite

Every little thing matters as my mind wonders if my pronunciation is worthy

I wish I was with you to help stave off the European Union

Maybe we can go to Munich at night

I imagine walking the streets of Douala as a ghost, searching for signs, wonders,

Building a wall of defense against plundering

Forgive the imperfections within these pages, tears made the ink run

I see a bridge of ambassadors crossing, back and forth, forging bonds of Tikar and Hausa Queens on both sides

I close by saying, by praying I see you soon

Be well

Sincerely, a son of Cameroon

Written for a podcast episode. One where I speak of learning about my Tikar and Hausa roots in Cameroon.