Saturday is Here, Nothing Will Ever be the Same Again in Case you Haven’t Heard, and I’m Still Black in America

Yes, it’s Saturday once again. Does anyone even see Weekends the same? If you look at the news, you realize how the world can change at the drop of a very, very, very, dumb hat. It seems as if we’re living in an anything goes era. The other side is, it’s a time of transformation and much needed inspiration for each person and their dreams, and also for the Black Community at large.

I’m rethinking so many things. Schooling for one. With a grandchild in the house who is starting kindergarten from home, it bodes well for her and us to have a hand in her education. I wish I had the option to be homeschooled when I was a student. I can only imagine how my life would have been. Classes in Writing, Photography, African History, African Languages, Climate Change, The Future of Africa, The Study of Revolutions against Colonization, The Origins of The Black Human, African Spirituality, Rituals and Culture, African Art, Scarification, Preserving African Languages, Inventors of Africa, The Effects of Apartheid, A Closer Look at the Harlem Renaissance… get the picture?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of the what could have been, in my life. It actually fuels my imagination. It helps me to picture another world. It helps me to think about a different narrative. It helps me to remember that I have to be in charge of my Black story. Black folks have to be responsible for showing ourselves in the right light. We have to take our stories back, our time, our inventions. Which leads me to the way we do life in the world. Days of the week. Weeks, months and years. Script. Language. Inventions. Diet. Culture. Rituals. Religion. Art.

I’m wondering how many inventions and methods and patents were created by Africans, or African Americans but stolen from them by jealous and opportunistic white folks who had the means, money, power and racist structure network to pull it off. Black folks have never really had the chance to take off. To fly, by our own hands, rules and morals. If I could, I would support only Black owned businesses. It’s so frustrating for me personally to buy some things out of convenience or because I don’t see another way. Tech is the best example. Anyhoo, I dream of the day that Saturday’s, our time, our living, doing, being will increase and grow at a rapid pace. I look forward to the day we our in sync with our Ancestors and focused on our own needs without explanation or guilt. I mean, that day when we just ain’t fuckin around no more with Karens and Kens. The day when there is zero fucking interaction with cops and guns.

Oh, one more thing. Fuck traffic, fuck going to an office, fuck going back to the way things were. You can have it.

Written by Michael Allen, Escape Indie 2020, All Rights Reserved

For my People!


Fiction. Podcasting. Poetry. Deep thoughts. Writing while Black.

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